'Cunningham's Calling'

I am writing regarding Elizabeth Mehren's article on Mary Cunningham and the Nurturing Network, which Cunningham founded.

I am dismayed at how little attention was given to this new organization, the Nurturing Network, which I would presume was the reason the article was written in the first place. Rather, the reader is "treated" to finding all about Mary Cunningham, how many diamonds she wears, how she dresses, who she entertains and how she combs her hair. What does this have to do with objective reporting of a new and innovative organization?

The real news is that women, thanks to Cunningham, now have a real choice about their unwanted pregnancies. So many women choose abortion today because they feel they have no other viable choice. The Nurturing Network makes it possible for a woman to continue her pregnancy, if she chooses. Now that is something new and worthy of attention.

Regardless of one's affection for Cunningham, whom I happen to respect, her idea is sound and essential in today's world. Given the tragedy of an unwanted pregnancy and the agony of the abortion decision, this fresh idea is welcome.



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