Plastic Guns

Shame, shame, shame on The Times! Readers must see your editorial for what it is--nothing more than a Handgun Control Inc. lie!

What your editorial doesn't say is that the Senate bill would outlaw any firearm that the secretary of the treasury determines is not "readily detectable." Under a (Sen. Edward) Kennedy or (New York Gov. Mario) Cuomo administration how many guns do you think that would mean? If you guessed all guns you would be right and that is the ultimate goal of the Metzenbaum-Thurmond legislation.

Gee, does this start to sound like "another end run to take firearms away from the people"? It sure does to me. I think I would like to leave my Second Amendment rights with the Supreme Court, thank you very much!

What Metzenbaum needs to do is stop wasting time with his back door, gun-grabber tactics and come to grips with the real solutions to the potential problems of terrorism. With his kind of legislation, the only people with guns will be terrorists!



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