In addition to his duties as general director of San Diego Opera, Ian Campbell enjoys moonlighting as a radio announcer on KFSD-FM. On Sunday, Campbell resumed his role as host of the second round of this season's weekly Sunday night forays into opera highlights, rare recordings, and ever-delicious gossip about the world of opera.

Campbell usually connects his musical examples to upcoming San Diego Opera productions and especially to singers who will be gracing the Civic Theatre stage for the first time. This Sunday, Campbell will play arias sung by Hungarian tenor Janos Nagy and American mezzo-soprano Delora Zajic, singers who will appear in next month's production of Verdi's "Il Trovatore." From Campbell's historical collection, he will dig out excerpts of Enrico Caruso and Louise Homer singing in the same opera.

Now in the show's fourth season, both Campbell and the station have been surprised by the frequent response of listeners who phone and write in with requests for favorite and obscure recordings. Campbell describes his format as a judicious combination of entertainment and low-keyed opera education.

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