Youthful Help

Because of my arthritic hips I have to use a cane to walk with. Also, it is very difficult for me to dress so I go shopping in my neighborhood dressed in my pajamas and robe. Recently, I was having difficulty in stepping off a high curb so I asked the first person who came along for assistance.

The young man I asked was a husky, leather-jacketed individual. After he assisted me down the curb, he asked if he could help me return to the hospital. When I assured him I was not a hospital patient that I was on my way home, he reached in his pocket and handed me a $10 bill. I was flabbergasted! I'm comfortably retired and I must say I have never been given a handout in my life!

My first reaction was annoyance. I asked him if he thought I looked like I needed money. He said no, he just wanted to wish me a Merry Christmas! This isn't the usual story about young people that we read in the media.


Culver City

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