Ideas for Land Around Reagan Library

Thank you for the coverage (Dec. 20) of the Ronald Reagan presidential library site. I would appreciate if you would print the following comments and clarifications:

1. The map you printed is not a development proposal but an early access study. To bring access to the library from the west, we studied the road shown. This plan, dated July 10, 1987, was abandoned shortly afterwards. Access is now planned to Madera Road.

2. Let me be more specific about our plans. We are not and will not participate in development on any land other than that which we already own (i.e., 632 acres). We will oppose any major sports complex in the area.

3. We heartily support the county's regional park. We believe it is compatible with the library. If we are asked to assist there, we will.


Los Angeles

Swartz is the partner of Blakeley/Swartz, a California property investors firm, in Los Angeles.

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