'Star Plod'

Beam me up, Scotty. There are no intelligent viewers on this planet!

How could Jon Tilley describe "Star Trek: The Next Generation" as "intelligently written, beautifully directed and superbly acted" (Calendar Letters, Jan. 10)?

Hasn't he seen "L.A. Law," "St. Elsewhere" or the late "Hill Street Blues"? In fact, haven't any of the new series' producers seen any television of this decade?

The new "Star Trek" is plodding, uninspired and needs a new set of dilithium crystals. It's terrible dramatic television but better suited for the 1960s; one can't help but feel this show is stuck in a time warp. What worked for the original "Star Trek" back then just doesn't work now.

Take away the special effects (and they are pretty good, I admit) and what do you have? Not much.

The new "Star Trek" isn't a dog nor a purebred. It's a Denebian slime devil and that's pretty yucky.



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