Laguna Niguel Coastal Strip

I have recently reread your editorial "Residents' Right to Choose" (Orange County section, Dec. 6).

I am dismayed that you ran such an editorial. There is no factual information to support your finding.

What you didn't explain:

That the coastal strip has been happily in the boundaries of Laguna Niguel for more than 20 years.

That all the people living there have always had a Laguna Niguel 92677 postal address and without question knew they were in that area.

That your 61% win is in fact a plurality of only 250 individuals--the judgment involving some 5,000 other citizens who were not allowed to vote.

That minority votes on secession historically never have been acceptable in our country.

That the Local Agency Formation Commission's proposal of the minority vote of the costal strip was against staff recommendations and that Lafco's removal of the coastal strip from the historical Laguna Niguel petition boundaries on Dec. 2 was in fact illegal because it was not on the agenda and thus violated the Brown Act.

I don't understand your negligence and lack of coverage on this issue. You know how important this whole issue is in Orange County with many still unincorporated communities.


Laguna Niguel

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