Ephron, in her own words, "got married and moved to Providence, R.I.," where she experienced six years of "self-enforced hibernation." It follows that her memory of that time would differ dramatically from the perception of the many people who were active and involved. I think that what Ephron calls "yuppie bashing" isn't so much bashing as it is looking askance, feeling a sense of puzzlement and disappointment as we observe a generation of young people who appear never to have dreamed the dream, nor taken risks, nor asked searching questions, nor made demands of society--who are not concerned with the crucial social issues that will always be with us: repression of human beings, hunger, racism. According to Ephron, sensible, well-adjusted people commit themselves to finance rather than to human causes.

I am disturbed by her assertion that because the Vietnam War is no longer a U.S. problem, there are no current moral issues worthy of the yuppies' attention. She should look around her. There's lots left to do.



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