How to Enrich the Arts in Burbank

There has been a lot of controversy over what to do with the vacant 40 acres in downtown Burbank. The Disney project under consideration could serve a greater community need with the following simple solution.

Why don't all the Giants of the Entertainment Industry--who have been using our fair city for so many years--get their act together and create an artistic-educational-cultural complex which would be supported and appreciated by all the residents of Burbank, as well as the San Fernando Valley--which doesn't have any kind of auditorium or cultural center, either.

Many of the people working in the TV and movie media work and live in Burbank and Valley areas and have to go to Los Angeles--or Glendale--to seek out cultural and educational enrichments.

An appropriately sized concert hall auditorium could be created to accommodate live theater and ballet, as well as give a home to the Burbank Symphony and Civic Light Opera. Other artistic and educational groups would certainly utilize a Burbank Cultural Center.

Come on, Disney--Columbia--Universal--NBC--Warners and Lockheed, too. When are you going to give something back to this now world-famous community of creative talent? European countries, with far fewer financial resources, manage to support the arts to keep them alive for posterity.



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