Moscow Embassy Scandal Figure Honorably Discharged by Marines

United Press International

A former Moscow embassy guard who was convicted and demoted for his role in last year's sex-for-secrets scandal has been honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, a military spokesman said Monday.

Sgt. Robert S. Stufflebeam was honorably discharged from the Quantico Marine base Friday after submitting a "request for separation" in mid-December, Gunnery Sgt. Dean Chamberlain said.

Stufflebeam, 25, was convicted at a court-martial in September on two counts of dereliction of duty during his tenure in 1985 as deputy commander of the Marine security contingent at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

The prosecuting attorney had asked that Stufflebeam be demoted to corporal and given a "bad conduct" discharge.

Stufflebeam was demoted only from staff sergeant to sergeant after his court-martial panel found him guilty of frequenting bars deemed off-limits to Marines. He was never charged with espionage.

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