CAMPAIGN '88 : Hart Loses Momentum

Special to The Times

Former Colorado Sen. Gary Hart has lost momentum, while the Democratic presidential candidacies of Massachusetts Gov. Michael S. Dukakis and Gephardt have gained strength nationally, a new Gallup Poll shows.

On the Republican side, the two-way nature of the presidential race has become more evident. Although Dole has increased his support level from 22% to 30% since last fall, his gain does not appear to have come at front-runner Bush's expense. The vice president's 45% support among Republicans and those who lean Republican is statistically unchanged from the 47% he received last November.

Hart now receives 23% support among Democrats and independents who lean Democratic in the national survey of registered voters. Hart's support stood at 31% in a national Gallup survey conducted last month, after announcing his re-entry into the Democratic race.

Over the same time period, Dukakis has moved from 10% to 16%, moving into a second-place statistical tie with the Rev. Jesse Jackson (15%). With his campaign picking up steam in Iowa, Gephardt has moved from 2% to 9% in the current survey. His national support now statistically equals that received by Illinois Sen. Paul Simon (9%) and Tennessee Sen. Albert Gore Jr. (6%).

Compared to the Democratic race, the Republican race for the party's presidential nomination is remarkably stable. Bush has maintained his early lead over Dole, and none of the other candidates have been able to break into double digits in the national polls.

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