Santa Ana Police Rock Band Draws Commendation

The county Board of Supervisors has commended Blu Magic, the Santa Ana Police Department's rock band, as "good-will ambassadors in the community" who promote better understandings between police and youths.

On the motion of Supervisor Roger R. Stanton, the board adopted a resolution Tuesday applauding Blu Magic for strengthening "their police department's image and respect in the community" and establishing "a better understanding between the police officers and the local teen-agers."

Blu Magic's members are Santa Ana Police Lt. Felix Osuna, Sgt. John Teutimez, Sgt. Jim McDaniels, Sgt. Joe Kahapea, Officer Tony Moreno and former officer Kevin Maturo. They play primarily 1950s and 1960s rock. The band members donate their time, playing at schools, community groups and benefits.

"One reason I came to Santa Ana was that I saw a police department I thought had a lot of heart and care for the community," said Chief Clyde Cronkhite, hired in October to head the Santa Ana Police Department. "I think Blu Magic exemplifies that feeling.

"The group can get a message out of saying 'no' to drugs and saying 'no' to youth violence and that the police do care. It's a message they get out to people who don't usually listen to the police department."

Blu Magic, which was founded in 1983, was also praised by county supervisors for "softening the image that some youths have toward police officers."

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