Child Care

The Times recently ran part of a wire story with the headline "Pediatricians Fight Church Limit on Care."(Part I, Jan. 6) But the article told only one side of the story. There's no question--most pediatricians care deeply for and about children. But they certainly aren't the only ones who care!

Most parents, regardless of their other differences, share a deep love for children and an active concern for their safety and well-being. This includes Christian Scientists. We have relied on healing through prayer for over a century because it's brought comfort and healing to those we love.

That Christian Scientists care for their children is no secret. We have a good record of cooperating with health authorities and respecting the law by having a doctor or midwife present at every birth. When it comes to caring for those we love, the deciding factor is not any religious or medical doctrine--it's their well-being.

The current laws and the recognition of Christian Science treatment by major insurance carriers don't exempt Christian Scientists from providing responsible care. On the contrary, they are based on a long proven record of effective care and treatment through prayer.

Children do need to be cherished and protected. But children won't be protected through repealing the laws individuals enacted to accommodate an alternative form of treatment--treatment that has proven effective in caring for children for four or five generations.


First Church of Christ, Scientist


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