Letter to the Editor:

Joseph Bell's column, Seniors, is a wonder. My husband and I are newcomers to Orange County (we've recently moved here from Georgia), and we're middlers, not seniors, but we strongly identify with Mr. Bell's straightforward, honest tone and his ability to elicit depth of feeling in a brief column.

Mr. Bell's piece on piano jazz, which made me think of the writing of E.B. White, brought memories suddenly back, just as the music evoked the past for him. His recent column on hearing loss and hearing aids helped me understand practical and emotional problems my own parents are facing.

I've been a feature and fiction writer for quite a few years (mostly recently for Brown's Guide to Georgia and Atlanta Magazine), and when I see writing like Mr. Bell's, I want to shout, GIVE US MORE!

Congratulations on the new section. I turn from Page One straight to Orange County Life.

--Beth Crawford Vincent, Laguna Niguel

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