Bush and Rather Squabble on the Evening News

I watched the interview of Bush with Rather and I must say that my reservations about having Bush as our next chief executive are not unfounded.

Aside from being uneasy about having a former CIA director at the helm of our ship of state, I am especially suspicious of an individual who attempts to whitewash his role in a major government scandal by saying it's all been answered or it has all been explained.

What kind of fools does Bush think the American electorate is made up of? Obviously, Bush's role in the Iran-Contra affair has not all been explained. Obviously, serious questions about his veracity and credibility remain.

I feel Bush should come clean now about his role in the arms-for-hostages operation and let the chips fall where they may, rather than risk a scandal should he be elected President.

The questions about his role will not vanish like Lt. Col. Ollie North's shredded documents.


Van Nuys

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