It's Been a Banner Year, but Not for Everybody

Please poll your readers and advise us how many are upset over the religious fanatics that continue to foist their beliefs on us during sporting events by holding up banners every time they think the camera is pointed in their direction. Those signs such as, "John 3:16," "Read the Bible," "Jesus Saves," and ad extremum.

I can imagine the upset of the people that have seat locations near them, how distracting to have these banners unfurled, blocking their view of the proceedings.

This year, when we attended the Tournament of Roses Parade, a lady approached me and asked if I was a member of the church. When I told her that I was, she requested we allow her to hold up a sign with a religious message. When I refused in no uncertain terms, she stomped away shouting, "You're not a member of the church!"

I'm upset that they infringe upon my religious freedom in this manner and hope the managers of sporting events do something to discourage this sort of behavior.


Boulder City, Nev.

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