Lana's Daughter

In spite of some incredibly superficial reportage by Paul Rosenfield, Lana Turner's daughter Cheryl Crane emerges as an admirable and likable survivor ("She's Not Just Lana's Daughter Anymore," Jan. 24).

This is true even though he says of her, "Cheryl Crane, blonded and wearing white angora, has sorted everything out." Good grief! Has anybody "sorted everything out"? I'll refrain from commenting on the use of the word blonded .

But the real point of this letter is to ask Rosenfield what on earth he means by the assertion: "Right up close the grooming shows; after 40 it's about good posture and real jewelry, and Crane has both."

Is it possible that this can be interpreted in a way that is not insulting to Crane and all women, especially those over 40?


So. Pasadena

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