THE SEQUEL : You Gotta Have Hart

Mary Hart as the head veterinarian of a zoo married to a cartoonist? That's the character planned for the "Entertainment Tonight" host in a projected CBS sitcom called "Wildlife." And says exec producer Jay Bernstein--who's also Hart's manager--the pilot should be ready for network execs in April.

Bernstein said it's possible--should CBS add "Wildfire" to its fall lineup--that Hart might still do "E.T." (Both shows are from Paramount.) After all, he pointed out, filming a comedy takes only one day a week--with the rest of the time allotted for rehearsal. So Hart just might be able to squeeze in some "E.T." duties.

She's keeping busy elsewhere, too. She recently sang and danced with Dolly Parton on her variety show. Last week, she co-hosted "Good Morning America" (she subbed for Joan Lunden in December).

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