THE SEQUEL : You Gotta Have Hart

“E.T.” co-host John Tesh also is getting out and about . . . selling hot dogs!

Well, he calls them “avant-garde hot dogs.” He’s been in the ritzy dog biz since November. That’s when he and his partner (Bob Gura) opened their small, arty Melrose Avenue eatery called The Wurst. (The very first Wurst, located in Westwood, is owned solely by Gura.) A sampling from the menu finds duck, turkey and vegetarian dogs. Salmon and tuna dogs are “in development.”

Tesh reports that The Wurst has found fans among his co-workers--including Mary Hart (who’s had the turkey wurst). In fact, Tesh threw a “Wurst E.T.” party last week, so the “E.T.” staffers could sample the goods.

But don’t expect to see The Wurst hyped via “E.T.” Said Tesh (who’s been known to wear a T-shirt that declares, “I want it in The Wurst way”): “I think that’s a little too self-serving.”


Meanwhile, The Wurst heads for New York--where a new eatery opens next week.

As for Tesh, well, he also happens to be a musician/composer--and he’s just signed to do two albums on the Private Music label. He dubs his instrumental brand of music “synth/pop/jazz/rock.”