'Park Wants Mother Out'

I certainly sympathize with Sue Horner ("Adults-Only Park Wants Mother Out," Jan. 22). I own a mobile home in coastal Orange County that has been up for sale for two years! Unfortunately, the park rent ($500 per month) and the move-in "deposit" ($1,500), coupled with a down payment on the coach (usually 15% to 20% of the selling price) quickly discourages potential buyers.

Were I to sell my home for my present asking price, I would realize no profit and not even recoup my original down payment.

Regarding the eviction of Horner, your article was not clear on the pertinent point of who is forcing the eviction. I'll bet my next month's paycheck it's not the other park residents. Evictions are generated by the owners of the park, many of whom, realizing they have the mobile home residents captive, continue to hold them for ransom.

Park owners can do pretty much what they choose to do. Because the coach owners have an investment in their coach (and probably a loan against it), they cannot--as apartment dwellers can--pick up and move out at will.


Huntington Beach

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