'Too Much Partisanship'

I was delighted with your Jan. 13 editorial, "Too Much Partisanship." It is quite rational and carries a simple message to which all reasonable people certainly agree.

I realize that it is a considerable policy shift for you, considering your position on Judge Robert H. Bork--who was also a candidate for a nonpartisan post, at the federal level. However, I commend the change.

I wish, however, that you had been as forceful in your editorial "Hard to Say No" (Jan. 14) with regard to the appointment of Rep. Daniel E. Lungren as California treasurer.

True, you reviewed his qualifications thoroughly, and fairly, but I thought that you were far too easy on state Sen. David Roberti for his vicious, partisan attacks on Lungren, as well as his position that this is a Democrat post. Roberti is Senate president pro-tem for all Californians, not just Democrats. He should be reminded of this, forcefully.


San Juan Capistrano

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