Deals in L. A. Slip, Higher in Orange County

Apartment, commercial and industrial deals were down 21% in Los Angeles County, but were up 47% in Orange County during the first nine months of 1987.

This was in contrast with figures released for the same period a year earlier, according to the Hanes Co., a Woodland Hills-based investment real estate brokerage firm.

The report noted that while Los Angeles apartment transactions decreased 26%, from $681,216,171 to $507,149,676 in 1987, Orange County apartment transactions increased by 104.05%, from $50,723,000 in 1986 to $103,498,500.

The dollar volume remained consistent at $119,226,500 for commercial transactions in Orange County during 1987, although activity was up. Transaction volume was about the same in Los Angeles County as it was the previous year but decreased in dollar volume by almost 3% to $370,913,833.

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