It was with great interest that I read the lengthy article about Frederick Weisman, "The Grand Quest," by Deborah Solomon (Dec. 20). I felt it was quite well written and very factual. Nevertheless, I beg to differ with the statement that "Weisman's independence has cost him the friendship of various collectors who feel that he has garnered national publicity for himself without contributing to the local art scene." Weisman may stand somewhat aloof from the local museum scene; yet, as your article indicates, he has contributed large sums of money toward special projects at these museums. More important, he, his curator and his director have been far more supportive of many of our locally based artists and locally based galleries than some of the other collectors mentioned in the story. Weisman's funds have been infused into the local economy over the years. Without his type of support there would not be an art scene, museums notwithstanding.



Los Angeles

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