Clipboard research by Susan Greene and Deborrah Wilkinson / Los Angeles Times

According to the Society of American Florists, most consumers know very little about flowers. The following will help you to know what “hidden” message you’re really sending to your Valentine.

Flower Meaning Acacia Friendship Amaryllis Hesitant beauty Anemone Anticipation Arborvitae Live for me Aster Virtue Azalea Temperance Bachelor button Hope of love Basil, sweet Success in love Bittersweet Truth Blossoms, almond Hope apple Administration cherry Spiritual beauty orange Purity Bluebell Sad regret Buttercup Money Cactus Grandeur Calla Lily Beauty Camellia, red Personal worth Camellia, white Loveliness Candytuft Indifference Carnation, white Remember me Chrysanthemum, red I love Chrysanthemum, white Fidelity, truth Chrysanthemum, yellow I am sad, slighted love Cineraria Always a delight Clover, four-leaf Good luck Columbine Inconsistency Crocus Joy Cyclamen Bashfulness Daffodil Unreturned love Dahlia Elegance Daisy Innocence Dandelion Coquetry Dock Patience Dogwood Love in spite of adversity Edelweiss Noble memories Everlasting Always remembered Fern Fascination Fir Time Fleur-de-lis I burn Forget-me-not True love Four-o’clock Timidity Foxglove Youth Fuchsia Confiding love Gardenia Refinement Gentian I love you best when you are sad Geranium Gentility Gladiolus Friendship Goldenrod Encouragement Heliotrope Devotion Hibiscus Delicate beauty Holly Domestic happiness Hollyhock Ambition Honeysuckle Faithfulness Hyacinth, blue Constancy Hyacinth, purple Jealousy Hyacinth, white Loveliness Hydranga Heartlessness Iris Compliment Ivy Fidelity Jonquil Wisdom Larkspur, pink Freedom Larkspur, purple Haughtiness Lavender Loveliness in age Lilac, purple First love Lilac, white Innocence Lily of the valley Purity Lotus Forgetfulness Magnolia Soulful Marigold Unrequited love Mimosa Daintiness Mint Virtue Moss rose Great merit Myrtle Wedded happiness Narcissus Vanity Nasturtium Patriotism Night-blooming cereus Transient beauty Oleander Beware Orchid You are beautiful Palm leaf Victory Pansy Thoughtfulness Passion Flower Holy love Peony Shame Periwinkle, white Pleasant memories Petunia You soothe me Phlox Agreement Poinsettia Success Poppy, red Consolation Poppy, white Sleep Primrose Careless joy Rhododendron Warning Rose, deep red Admiration Rose, full bloom Engagement Rose, half bloom Timid love Rose, white I am worthy Rose, yellow Decrease of love, jealousy Rose, thornless Love at first sight Rose, briday Happy love Rosebud, red Pure and lovely Rosebud, moss Confessions of love Rosebud, white Girlhood Rosemary Remembrance Sage Domestic virtue Scabiosa I cannot accept your love Shamrock Loyalty Snapdragon Presumption Snowdrop Friendship Star of Bethlehem Atonement Stephanotis Come to me Stock Lasting beauty Sunflower, dwarf Adoration Sweet peas Blissful pleasure Sweet William Smile for me Syringa Be happy Teasel Cynicism Thistle Hardihood Thyme Courage Tiger lily You are afraid Tuberose Bereavement Tulip Boldness Tulip, yellow Hopeless love Verbena Tender emotion Verbena, white Pray for me Violet Modesty Wallflower Loneliness Water lily A pure heart Wisteria Welcome Yarrow Cure for heartache Zinnia Thoughts of friends

Source: Irvine Florists Ltd.