CAMPAIGN '88 : 2 More Polls Tab Bush

Another pair of polls finds Bush dominating the South in his battle with Dole.

The surveys disagree slightly, however, on the extent of Southern support for Dukakis, who is challenging native sons Jackson and Gore for votes among Sun Belt Democrats.

CBS News and the New York Times came to the same conclusion as the Scripps-Howard News Service Monday in the four-man GOP race, finding little support for Robertson and Kemp.

The CBS-Times poll, conducted Wednesday through Sunday among 2,734 adults, showed Bush with a 51%-20% lead over Dole among likely Super Tuesday voters. The error margin was 5%.

Scripps-Howard surveyed 423 likely GOP voters in 14 Southern and Border states and found Bush with 51% support to Dole's 26%. The Wednesday-to-Friday poll had an error margin of 5%.

Among Democrats, Scripps-Howard found 22% of Southerners support civil rights leader Jackson, topping Dukakis' 19% and the 14% for both Gore and Gephardt.

The CBS-Times poll found Jackson with 19% of likely Super Tuesday votes, followed by Gore with 16%. Dukakis trailed with 13%; Gephardt had 11%.

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