Torpedoing 'Supercarrier'

Regarding your uninformed item about the ratings of the premiere of our "Supercarriers" TV series (Morning Report, March 9):

If you look at the research you will see that "Supercarrier" did a fantastic job for ABC on Sunday night, improving the network's rating for that period by over 35%. You will further note that it built throughout the 90 minutes.

Furthermore, ratings are only one element of success. The target audience for this program was men 18-34 and we reached them.

The Navy left this show because they didn't want to be involved with an action/adventure series. They wanted a sleepy show about life on a Supercarrier. We don't feel that's a show the audience wants to see.

Jackie Cooper did years and years of "Hennessey" without Navy cooperation. We resent any slams by the Navy or your paper about the quality or the production of this series.

We have duplicated the carrier on our stages. We have thousands of feet of stock and second-unit material. We have done all of our air-to-air shots with a civilian group sans any Naval assistance.

In many ways we are happy to be relieved of the cooperation because naval personnel were stifling our writers relationships and dialogue.

The Navy never sank "Supercarrier." Our Supercarrier will continue to ride the high seas for at least five years or more.


Chairman of the Board,


Fries Entertainment

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