PASSINGS : Joris Minne; Belgian Helped Revive Art of Engraving

Joris Minne, 91, the Belgian engraver and sculptor credited with helping revive the art of engraving. Minne and four other Flemish graphic artists--Frans Masereel, Henri Van Straten, Jan-Frans Cantre and Joseph Cantre--founded the art magazine Lumiere in the 1920s. The magazine was a key force in generating new interest and techniques in wood engraving. The five were credited with popularizing in the early 20th-Century the art of wood, copper and linoleum engraving. Minne's sculpting career began in 1939, but he won widespread recognition only in 1950 with an exhibition in Antwerp's Middelheimpark. He mainly sculpted wood. In Antwerp on Thursday.

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