House on the Hill

Aaron and Candy Spelling’s $12-million mansion under construction in Holmby Hills has inspired a novelty tune, “The Ballad of Aaron and Candy (An Ode to Spelling’s Dwelling)” by “multimedia performer” and first-time composer John Perry of Ojai.

He was so staggered by press reports of Spelling’s lavish enterprise, he knocked out the calypso/rap number, which he was planning to record this weekend.

Some of the rap:

See Candy’s jewels, see Aaron’s money, Aaron doesn’t think being picked on is funny. See Candy’s clothes, see Aaron’s pad See Aaron and Candy’s castle make the neighbors mad. But they’re livin’ in splendor high above the crowds 60,000 square feet of heaven. That’s Spelling’s dwelling, I said Spelling’s Dwelling . . . .

Perry’s not worried about hurting any feelings: “Someone who lives a life of such opulence is setting himself up for satire.”