Bush Disavows Aides’ Views of Meese Burden

Associated Press

Vice President George Bush said today he did not authorize statements by campaign aides calling Atty. Gen. Edwin Meese III a campaign liability and said their views did not reflect his own.

While campaigning here, Bush was asked about a published report quoting campaign aides Peter Teeley and Robert Teeter as suggesting Meese should resign.

The vice president said he was unaware of the comments of his two top aides. “I haven’t authorized anything. Now I have to get on the phone and find out what they said,” Bush said.


Bush in the past has declined to comment on whether the embattled attorney general should step aside.

The Detroit News today said Teeley, Bush’s communications director, and Teeter, a senior campaign adviser, made the comments in interviews this week in Washington.

“Meese is a liability,” Teeley said.

Meese is being investigated by independent counsel James C. McKay in connection with a government contract with the New York City-based Wedtech Corp. Questions also have been raised about his role in a $1-billion Iraqi oil pipeline project.