Yarn Crafts Help Stretch Clothes Budget

Associated Press

Knitting and crocheting part of a wardrobe can dramatically reduce a family’s clothing budget, says Joseph R. Kinsey Jr. of the Craft Yarn Council of America, with headquarters in Gastonia.

“Considering the high cost of clothing, the amount of money people spend to dress attractively can get out of hand,” Kinsey said. “By knitting a sweater, a woman can create a garment for under $20 worth of yarn that would cost $75 to $125 in a store.”

An estimated 25% of American women knit or crochet some of the items their families wear, Kinsey said.


“This is increasingly true this year as the trend toward sweaters and knitted fashions continues to grow,” he said.

The most frequently knitted and crocheted items in America are classic women’s sweaters, children’s and infants’ wear and afghans, he said.

The most wanted styles and colors for knitted and crocheted items tend to vary according to age group. Oversize crew-neck pullovers are popular among children and adults under 35, while conservative cardigans have a strong following among older adults.

Warm sun colors like maize and burnt orange are currently favored, as well as earth tones of browns and dark greens, Kinsey said. Basic black with colored accents is still strong this year, and children’s clothes are appearing in vibrant colors such as red, orange and green--the brighter the better.

Kinsey said that in addition to saving money and creating a personalized wardrobe, knitters and crocheters find satisfaction in their personal involvement with the garments, “a gift from the heart.”