Long Beach : Centennial Agency Praised

Several City Council members this week praised the nonprofit corporation running the Long Beach centennial celebration following a report by City Auditor Robert E. Fronke.

In his examination of the finances of International City Celebration Inc., Fronke found nothing improper. “In general, we found it to be well-organized and the financial records well-maintained,” Fronke told the council Tuesday.

Councilman Ray Grabinski, who asked for the auditor’s review to answer other council members’ concerns, said he was satisfied. Councilman Wallace Edgerton said, “We should support them in any way we can.”


Councilman Tom Clark said he was pleased to see that the International City Celebration sponsored a concert last weekend since arts groups “seem to be the organizations with the most concern” about lack of sponsorship and advertising revenue.

Richard Sargent, president of the corporation, told the council that IDM Corp., which is the managing partner in the World Trade Center, had withdrawn its $50,000 sponsorship pledge for business reasons.