Why UK/LA Succeeded

What is it with The Times' critics and their opinions on festivals such as UK/LA ("UK/LA . . . and then We Have the Critics," May 7)?

It seems that they are never satisfied with the umbrella structure of festivals such as UK/LA, Fringe Festival/Los Angeles or others of the same variety.

The umbrella concept of UK/LA was a strategic response to limited funds and the need to reach a vast, far-flung and geographically and culturally disjointed city. Admittedly, this was not a traditional festival and should not be judged as such. Nevertheless, for a city like our own, we must create new structures and forms in direct response to the unique nature of Los Angeles.

Here, the arts are also competing with the tremendous advertising budgets and press hype accompanying films, television and rock stars, and it is only through alternative organizational forms that the arts can succeed.

UK/LA is to be heartily congratulated for its tremendous success and accomplishments in overcoming these obstacles.



Fringe Festival/Los Angeles, 1987

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