Sudan Arrests 3 After Terrorist Attacks Kill 7 and Wound 21

Associated Press

Three men carrying Lebanese passports and submachine guns were arrested after terrorist attacks in a hotel and nightclub that killed seven people and wounded 21, including three Americans, police said today.

Sunday night’s attacks occurred at the Acropol Hotel and the nearby Sudan Club.

The hotel is frequented by diplomats, relief workers and journalists, and the club is reserved for nationals of Britain and the British Commonwealth countries.

Police said the dead at the Acropol, their bodies mangled by a bomb that blew the tin roof off the two-story building, included a British family of four who had been in Sudan only two months, a waiter and a Sudanese army officer.


There was no word on the identity of the three Americans injured at the hotel.

“Limbs of those who were killed . . . were scattered on the floor of the restaurant after the explosion,” said Col. Mutasim Osman Karim, an explosives expert.

Foreigner Dies Later

An unidentified foreigner died during the attack later on the Sudan Club, said a police statement read today over the government’s Radio Omdurman.


The statement said the suspects, who carried Lebanese passports but were dressed in the traditional white robes of the Sudanese when captured, were identified by witnesses as participants in the assaults.

Passers-by helped capture the suspects outside the Sudan Club after the attack as they “tried to get rid of the clothes they were disguised in,” the statement said.