Culver City : Witch’s House’ Has New Home

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The “Witch’s House of Beverly Hills” has found a new home at the entrance to Culver City Park.

The City Council, sitting as the Redevelopment Agency, on Monday officially accepted donation of the storybook chalet and move it from Beverly Hills to the southeast corner of Jefferson Boulevard and Duquesne Avenue.

The house, now a private residence, was one of the first movie studios to be built in the city. The Culver City Historical Society plans to open a city history museum in the building.


Moving and rehabilitating the 12-room house will cost the city an estimated $610,000.

Recently elected City Council members Jim Boulgarides and Steven Gourley voted to reconsider the proposal but were outvoted by the other three members.

The house was built in 1921 as the Irvin V. Willat Productions Movie Studio. Five years later it was moved to Beverly Hills, in part because so many drivers slowed to stare at the building on Washington Boulevard that it became a traffic hazard.