Jackson, Dukakis April Spending, Funding Similar

Associated Press

The Rev. Jesse Jackson raised and spent as much as front-runner Michael S. Dukakis as they battled in last month’s crucial Democratic primaries, records filed Friday showed.

With the expensive races in California and New Jersey still ahead, Dukakis and Jackson each entered the month of May with $1-million-plus bank accounts.

Jackson actually spent more than Dukakis during April but a good chunk of his spending--$804,570--went to pay off loans, says the financial disclosure report he filed with the Federal Election Commission.


Jackson reported spending $4 million during the month, and Dukakis spent $3.7 million as they dueled across such expensive states as New York and Pennsylvania. Dukakis, governor of Massachusetts and the best-financed Democrat throughout the campaign, has borrowed no money.

Jackson continued his steady upswing in fund raising, with total receipts of $4.2 million, including a $624,000 loan, and $1.7 million in federal matching funds, while Dukakis took in $3.4 million, including $1.1 million in matching funds.

Jackson ended the month with $1.1 million in cash on hand and $548,741 in debts, his report showed. Dukakis had $1.4 million on hand and $699,906 in obligations.

On the Republican side, certain nominee George Bush ended April with $4 million in cash on hand after raising $2 million for the month, including $1.2 million in matching funds, and spending $1.7 million. Bush also reported taking out a $20,000 loan for general election campaign start-up costs.