Local News in Brief : Men Sue Chippendales

Two men and a woman filed suit Wednesday against Chippendales, alleging that men are unlawfully barred from watching the West Los Angeles club’s all-male strip shows.

The suit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, seeks unspecified general damages and attorney fees, and a permanent injunction to stop certain practices at Chippendales, which claims to be the nation’s first all-male strip show nightclub.

Attorney Gloria Allred filed the suit on behalf of Andrew Exler, 27, of Palm Springs, Dennis Koire, 27, of Anaheim, and Koire’s girlfriend, Julie Palasco, 24, of Los Angeles. She said that when the three tried to attend a show at Chippendales on May 20, 1987, they were told that no men were allowed.

On an earlier occasion, Feb. 8, 1987, when they tried to enter the nightclub hours after the shows ended at 10 p.m., the men were told they would have to pay $5 each, while Palasco was told she could come in free, Allred said.


Chippendale owner Steve Banerjee denied the allegations, contending that men are allowed into the shows but simply don’t come because they feel uncomfortable.