The Woman Above the Legs

She's "Dirty Diana." According to Michael Jackson's chart-topping single, she'll be your everything if you make her a star. Her shapely legs are seen strutting in a tight black leather micro-skirt in Jackson's "Dirty Diana" video, at this writing No. 1 atop MTV's Top 20. But who do those mysterious legs belong to?

Answer: Lisa Dean, a native of San Diego, who hopes her big break with the Buckled One does help make her a star.

The 5 foot 9, "mid-20s" Vogue cover girl was picked from hundreds of auditioning beauties. Dean's secret to gorgeous gams: "Daily exercise, years of ballroom and jazz dancing, and just being naturally skinny." Her looks have also landed her TV spots for Levi's 501s and Sprite, plus the 1984 video for Ratt's "Round and Round"--playing someone so obsessed by the group's heavy metal music that she begins ripping off her rubber mini-dress.

As for Jackson: He's a "quite magical, sweet and gentle person" who never flirted--but did spend a lot of time on the set with his favorite chimp, Bubbles. Dean's only complaints about making "Dirty Diana" were earning only the standard $300 per day for the two-week gig and working in that confining outfit.

As a result of "Dirty Diana," Dean said she's now reading movie scripts from independent producers (she wouldn't say who)--one about a funny girl, one about a wholesome girl and one about a . . . sexy girl.

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