Boy Flier Has Tense Moments Over N. Y.

Associated Press

An 11-year-old aviator from California had some tense moments over LaGuardia Airport on Friday when his plane’s radio went dead, but he landed safely to complete the third leg of a journey to recreate Charles A. Lindbergh’s historic flight to Paris.

“I thought we might get in trouble if we can’t call the tower,” said Christopher Lee Marshall of Oceano, Calif.

But the radio in his Mooney 252 plane went back into operation after about 10 seconds and he was able to reestablish contact with the air traffic controller. The young flier landed about 8 p.m., tired but happy with the day’s journey.

Chris took off earlier in the day from St. Louis. He had flown to St. Louis from Kerrville, Tex.


Chris, who will be in the fifth grade this fall, said this trip would make him the world’s youngest trans-Atlantic pilot. He is accompanied by Randy (Duke) Cunningham, 46, a retired Navy commander from Miramar Naval Air Station.