Photos of Terror Suspects Released : Greek Officials Say Ship Attackers Include 3 Men, Woman

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Public Order Minister Anastasios Sehiotis today released pictures of three men allegedly involved in a terrorist attack aboard a Greek cruise ship that left 11 people dead and 98 injured.

Government sources said today that a woman also was involved in Monday's attack and was photographed on the ship. Her photograph was not made public by Sehiotis, but also was being distributed to airports, border entry points and harbors around Greece, said the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Authorities had said three men hurled grenades and fired automatic weapons Monday at terrified passengers aboard the City of Poros cruise ship. Police said the assailants fled in a speedboat.

Pro-Iran Arabs Suspected

Greek authorities speculated the attack was part of a failed attempt by pro-Iranian Arab terrorists to hijack foreign tourists taking a island-hopping cruise on the Greek-owned ship.

There was no claim of responsibility for the assault. At least one passenger said a gunman spoke what sounded like Arabic.

Sehiotis indicated the ship attack was linked to an explosion earlier Monday that killed two men in a rental car near the Trocadero Marina, home port for the City of Poros.

Despite repeated questioning by Greek reporters, the minister declined to give any more details other than the names of two Lebanese men "being sought as involved in this attack."

He identified them as Hamoud Abdul Hamid, 36, of Lebanon, who rented the car, and Mohammed Zozad, 21, thought to be one of the terrorists on the ship. The minister said both had been in Greece since May.

Rescuers today pulled a body from the Aegean Sea and a second was found on the cruise ship. Nine bodies were recovered earlier, and officials said the casualty count was expected to keep rising.

"We also have found some floating body remains that indicate the death toll could go higher," said a harbor authority officer who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The ship attack occurred at 8:40 a.m., six hours after an explosives-packed car blew up near the Trocadero Marina, police said.

Grenades Start Fire

Terrified passengers scurried for cover and leaped into the sea when the gunmen hurled grenades and sprayed gunfire at the tourists on the crowded vessel. The grenade blasts started a fire and a deck collapsed aboard the ship.

By today, authorities had released the names of only two of the dead: Antonis Demaizis, the ship's 45-year-old first mate, and a Danish tourist, 33-year-old Karl Johan Grabas.

"I was on deck when I heard automatic fire," Jean Wogewda of Lorient, France, said from his bed in a Piraeus hospital, where he was recovering from gunshot wounds in both legs. "I turned around and was thrown into the air by the impact of the bullets hitting my leg."

Had Gun in Backpack

Another French passenger, Andre Gelia, told reporters that "a thin man in white with a dark complexion and dark hair jumped up from his seat . . . and started yelling in what sounded like Arabic."

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