Battle Lines Drawn in Filings for Oxnard Posts

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Two strong critics of City Manager David Mora and the former president of Oxnard College have announced plans to seek office in Oxnard's November election.

Longtime City Treasurer Geraldine Furr, who last week declared that she would not seek reelection to that post because of differences with Mora, announced her plans to run on Monday.

Two council seats must be filled. One is occupied by Dorothy Maron, who has announced she will run again. The other will be vacated by Michael A. Plisky, who has announced he will run for mayor. Vying with Furr and Maron will be retired Oxnard College President Ed Robings, who said he is neutral on Mora's performance. Robings also is president of the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce and a former chairman of the city's Economic Development Commission.

Meanwhile, Plisky, an outspoken Mora opponent who was long expected to run for mayor, formally tossed his hat in the ring. A previous mayoral candidate who works in Oxnard as a financial planner, he will run against incumbent Mayor Nao Takasugi, a retired grocery store owner.

Could Form Bloc

If both Furr and Plisky win, they could form a bloc with Council member Ann Johs, another Mora critic. The alliance would shift the power of the five-member council from the current majority, who believe Mora is performing well.

Plisky, who is married to City Clerk Mabi Plisky, has said that he would press for Mora's ouster if the city manager "doesn't become more responsive to council wishes."

Mora's critics claim he has tried to undermine the authority of elected department heads, such as the city clerk and treasurer, and has been abrasive and confrontational in dealing with city employees.

Robings, however, has steered clear of the issue.

"I'm in no position to evaluate Mora until I've had a chance to work with him as a councilman," he said. "I've worked with him on other things such as the Economic Development Commission and I think he's done a good job in the areas where I've dealt with him."

Election papers for the mayoral slot have also been taken out but not returned by Paul Dolan, a self-appointed representative of Oxnard Dunes residents who are pressing for a clean-up of oil sumps beneath their west Oxnard neighborhood, and Oscar Karrin, a retired caterer and butcher who frequently attends council meetings.

Karrin has run for mayor once and for the council twice.

Also running for Council is Roy Lockwood, a retired federal fire chief, who also attends council meetings regularly. He has sought office seven times.

Among City Council candidates who have taken out papers is Paul Chatman, a member of the Oxnard Advisory Committee, a council-appointed citizen's committee.

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