91X’s Bryan Jones Denies Using Drug : Deejay Confirms Cocaine-Tied Firing

Bryan Jones, morning deejay for XTRA-FM (91X), confirmed rumors Wednesday that that he has been fired by the station after testing positive for cocaine use in a routine drug test.

Jones denied that he had used the drug and said he plans legal action to attempt to regain his job.

“I haven’t done any drugs, therefore I question the drug test,” Jones said.

Jones, known for his outrageous characterizations and biting wit, was fired by the station in 1986 for drug-related problems. When he was hired back in April of this year, he agreed to take three drug tests a week.


In June, Jones tested positive for cocaine, but subsequent tests came up negative, Jones said. He was tested last week after returning from London, where 91X had been broadcasting live from the Amnesty International concert.

“It would be pretty dumb to do drugs if you’re tested three times a week,” Jones said. “I am not an idiot.”

Station management did not return calls Wednesday. XTRA-FM program director Trip Reeb refused to comment.

Jones’ morning partner, Katy Manor, said Jones has never missed a show since returning in April.


“Bryan is my friend, and this is very upsetting for me,” Manor said. “This morning show has gone through a lot.”

Station management is negotiating with comedian Russ T. Nailz, who worked with the 91X morning show several years ago, to replace Jones.

An obviously upset Jones said it has been a “long road to hoe getting over the hump” of his drug problems.

“This is something that means the world to me,” he said. “This is what I’ve wanted to do, to be back here in San Diego.”


Jones said he has an appointment Monday to meet with Noble Broadcasting president John Lynch, XTRA’s chief executive officer.

Jones said he was given the opportunity to resign but refused.

“I can’t sign a piece of paper resigning,” he said. “That, to me, says that I did drugs, and I won’t do that.”

XTRA-FM features a “Rock of the Eighties” format, spotlighting new music bands such as Oingo Boingo and INXS. Jones first joined the station in 1984.