Country singer Tammy Wynette and husband-manager George Richardson have filed for emergency bankruptcy after losing a $900,000 court judgment to a federal agency. Attorney Steve Lefkovitz, who represents the couple, said, "That (the judgment) was the precipitating cause." The judgment was in favor of the Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corp., which attempted to place a levy on a mansion owned by Wynette in Nashville. The attorney said the judgment was part of an attempt by the federal agency to clean up the loan portfolio of Sunrise Savings & Loan of Boynton Beach, Fla., which was shut down by regulators in 1985. Lefkovitz would not describe the nature of Wynette's debt to the thrift. The petition for Chapter 11 reorganization was filed Tuesday on behalf of the Richardsons, Tammy Wynette and Tammy Wynette Enterprises. The document did not list assets and liabilities.

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