Day-Care Center in Santa Ana

I am writing concerning the Sept. 25 editorial on day care ("Irvine's Day-Care Lead Should Be Followed"). Assistance League of Santa Ana, a nonprofit philanthropic organization, has already taken the fast track in providing quality day care.

For the past seven years we have operated a modern, well-staffed child day-care center just two blocks from the county Civic Center in Santa Ana. Seventy-two children are currently enrolled in the center, and we will be able to provide for 32 more children when an addition to the center is completed in March, 1989.

I suggest that government entities investigate what the private sector can and is providing before jumping into the day-care business.

Our award-winning day-care center is an excellent example of what can be done to solve this pressing community need. (We are located in Santa Ana at 1002 W. 2nd St.)



Assistance League of Santa Ana

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