Dukakis Likens Bush’s Tactics to Nixon’s in ’60

Associated Press

Michael S. Dukakis today likened George Bush’s campaign tactics to those of Richard M. Nixon in 1960 and said his Republican rival was running from “a record of failure and walking away from every major challenge he has faced.”

The sharply worded attack on Bush came during a speech at Northwestern University, where Dukakis told students that he would restore America’s leadership in the world economy through innovative business and labor partnerships at home and a tough trade stance abroad.

Dukakis, trailing at least slightly in most national polls, reminded the students and faculty that the election was just over one month away. He asked for their support and promised, “The next five weeks are going to be the best five weeks of the campaign.”

From Illinois, Dukakis headed to Ohio, another key industrial state, to tour an auto plant before flying to Washington, D.C.


In his speech at Northwestern, he contrasted his economic and trade views with the record of Bush.

Talking of global economic problems facing the nation, Dukakis said: “Cite these facts and George Bush will tell you that you’re downgrading America, the same thing Richard Nixon did in 1960 when John Kennedy was telling us to look to a new frontier. My friends, if we disregard these facts we endanger America.

“I’m running for President on my record,” the Democratic presidential nominee said. “Mr. Bush is running away from his--a record of failure and walking away from every major challenge he has faced.”

Dukakis listed five major Bush assignments, declaring after each: “Mission failed.”


The assignments, Dukakis said, included resolving trade problems with Japan, heading an anti-terrorism panel, leading the war on drugs, investigating problems in the banking industry and heading a task force on regulatory reform.

“Mr. Bush was given five important missions by this Administration and he failed every one,” Dukakis said. “And that was before they asked him to pick a running mate in this election.”