Saving Water

We have received the bag for our water closet and the made-in-Taiwan fog nozzle for our shower.

The first item gives us the option of flushing twice in order to clear the toilet bowl or, leaving it very messy.

The fog nozzle also gives us an option. On or off. With nothing in between. The fog nozzle also has the additional feature of providing a steam bath for the face, a tepid bath for the torso, and a cold foot bath, all simultaneously. The wind generated by the fog nozzle also wraps the cold shower curtain around the legs, thus enhancing the cold feet feature.

I believe that a quota system based on water usage per occupant would be a fairer and more logical way to conserve our water than the heavy-handed "do it my way or else" imposition from above. I also believe that all users in the Metropolitan Water District should play the game by the same rules.



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