Mrs. Quayle 'Resents' Father's Religious Beliefs Being an Issue

Associated Press

Marilyn Quayle said today she resents the attention given to her parents' interest in a fundamentalist preacher who routinely attacks unions, feminists and homosexuals.

The wife of GOP vice presidential candidate Dan Quayle said she and her husband attend Presbyterian churches but acknowledged that her father, Warren Tucker, and her late mother listened for years to tapes by Col. Robert Thieme. The Texas-based preacher is known for his unorthodox biblical interpretations and his attacks on liberals, welfare recipients and others.

Marilyn Quayle said that when they visit her father, they have occasionally listened to tapes from Thieme's ministry. The minister sends out 30,000 taped sermons a month with such titles as "Scar Tissue of the Soul," "Satanic Plot No. 1" and "Slave Market of Sin."

Marilyn Quayle said Thieme interprets the Bible from original Greek, Hebrew and Latin versions and "I don't see anything wrong with that."

"I have a father who is a very gentle 76-year-old man, and I really resent the fact that he is being brought into this," Mrs. Quayle said when asked about her family's religious beliefs on ABC-TV's "Good Morning America."

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