Refusal to Debate No Surprise

It was hardly surprising to read (Sept. 24) that Elton Gallegly, the representative of the 21st Congressional District, refused to debate with Don Stevens, his Democratic opposition.

I have to admit a giggle when I read that his spokesman says that Gallegly won't debate because he will be "preoccupied with legislative matters until Congress adjourns." Now that's news.

Since taking office, Gallegly has introduced one piece of legislation concerning three acres of land in Agoura and one piece of legislation applying the death penalty to murderers of certain law officers.

No matter what dollars value you put on the time it takes to come with two pieces of legislation and six hours of meeting with constituents over so long a period of time, this has to be one of the fattest ripoffs of taxpayers.

Of course he won't debate. He is the perfect example of the Republican's idea of a conservative who knows how to spend.


Thousand Oaks

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