Marx’s Mark

I had to chuckle with cynical delight at Steve Hochman’s article about executive Jerry Greenberg and CBS Records’ new label, WTG Records (“CBS Launches West Coast Record Label,” Sept. 28).

With all due respect to Greenberg, a high percentage of pencil-pushing, cigar-chomping record executives wouldn’t know a hit if it knocked them upside the head.

The work of the talented Richard Marx is a perfect recent example. Here is a man who had been in the business most of his life and practically no major label in the country would touch his material with a 10-foot cattle prod. Now, after EMI-Manhattan has signed him, everyone who turned him down is probably kicking himself.

Excuse me for sounding like another frustrated “wanna-be,” but after so many turndowns, it’s hard to be optimistic when you know you got it and the devil doesn’t think so. However, true stories like Marx’s keep my hopes up.



Thousand Oaks