Cystic Fibrosis Camp Draws Praise

I have just received a copy of The Times for Orange County and would like to thank you for the very good write-up about the Cystic Fibrosis Summer Camp, which took place during August.

I am the founder and secretary of the Cystic Fibrosis Holiday Fund in England. (The fund) sent out the 12 children for their wonderful holiday in California. I spend all my time (sometimes it feels like 25 hours a day, not 24) raising the funds for holidays for our CF children.

We do not have any similar facilities in the U.K. for holidays such as this. I feel that the children gain tremendous benefits from being together, and being allowed to do many things they enjoy.

Our children stayed with some wonderful CF families before and after camp, and I would like to record my sincere thanks to these people for looking after our children so well. Every one of the children was delighted with their holiday, and I am now being pleaded with to allow them to go again. I feel sure that some very lasting friendships will emerge from this.

I cannot thank enough the people from (Childrens Hospital of Orange County) who helped make our children's dreams come true: Dr. Ralph Rucker, Stephanie Frost and Gail Merriam, to name but a few.

Although it may not be possible to help in such a grand way, and I certainly cannot guarantee that the sun will shine, we will be inviting some CF children to spend some time with us in London next year. It may also be possible to take a couple of them skiing with a group of CF children we are taking to Northern Italy in February.

I am sorry there has been such a delay in sending this letter, but unfortunately we have another postal strike!


Middlesex, England

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