Unwelcome Letter

I am in receipt of a letter from Congressman Bill Lowery. It is Laserjet-printed on bond paper, personalized with my name and address. Since I have not written Congressman Lowery, I assume that all residents of the 41st Congressional District received the same letter.

Mailings such as these, which are printed and mailed at government expense, illustrate the power of an incumbent congressman. It is offensive enough to me to receive a letter touting his stance on environmental issues because Lowery is no friend to the environment. As a taxpayer, I am helping finance his campaign with this gaudy, personalized letter.

Bill Lowery signed a letter urging the Environmental Protection Agency to permit the burning of toxic wastes on Torrey Pines Mesa. He also favors the proposed Pamo Dam, which would flood a beautiful riparian valley north of Ramona.


La Jolla

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